Building a successful business is hard work, and that’s before you take into account the time needed to ensure you comply with all the relevant regulations, and deal with the ‘people’ issues that are inevitable as you grow.

New Dawn Resources are here to help - whether your requirement is for a HR service, employment law advice or training to help your company develop and flourish.

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Come and talk about #staff & #HR matters with us & @stafflex jobs at our breakfast Employment Forum in #Holmfirth on Wednesday 4 December 8.30am to 10am. The theme this time is #employeeengagement. Contact us to book your place
There’s plenty you CAN and SHOULD say when you write a reference for an employee … and some things you definitely shouldn’t!Take a look at our blog post on this tricky subject…#reference #employmentlawhttps://t.co/ceEgbLY2KO
@Stafflexjobs We're so pleased with our seminar this morning, a fantastic turnout and all cupcakes gone (OK we ate some 😂)