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Let us help you place resilience and wellbeing at the heart of your organisation.

Your organisation needs resilient employees. People who are able to cope with challenging situations, at work and outside work, who can navigate through uncertainty and ambiguity, who can handle change and pressure. Employees who have healthy personal coping strategies that mean they can manage their personal stress levels.

We know that for some people these attributes don’t come naturally but fortunately, people can be taught and encouraged to become more resilient. One of the key features and the starting point for improving resilience is self-awareness – knowing the signs and symptoms of stress, and its sources, and taking early action to address them. It requires space and time to reflect on your habits and behaviours, to understand your own emotions and reactions. 

There is no one size fits all when an organisation starts to think about how to be proactive in this area.  A workable and realistic strategy needs to take account of numerous factors if it’s to stand a chance of returning benefits for both the organisation and individual employees. 

New Dawn Resources works with organisations that recognise wellbeing and resilience as a key enabler of employee engagement and business results. We design and deliver tailored programmes for organisations who want to increase awareness of the importance of resilience and wellbeing but mainly to develop and enhance the personal resilience of their teams. 

Our aim is to help shape and guide an organisation’s strategy and to deliver measurable solutions which help to continuously improve your workplace wellbeing programme.

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Personnel for Wellbeing & Resilience

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Managing Director, HR Business Partner

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Operations Director, HR Business Partner

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