Menopause: raising awareness in the workplace

It is Menopause Awareness Month and the Employment Tribunals have been busy. In two recent cases, menopause has been categorised as a disability under the Equality Act, entitling the claimant to protection from discrimination and harassment. In one of the cases, the total compensation awarded topped £37,000.

Whether an individual’s menopause will amount to a disability is likely to depend on the severity of their symptoms, as some will see a more significant impact on their day to day lives than others. However, these two cases are an encouraging step in ensuring appropriate protections are in place.

Over the last year or so, a great deal of work has been done to raise awareness of menopause symptoms. Many employers are already learning more about how menopause may affect their workforce and updating their practices to ensure that their staff are supported.

As part of our upcoming employment seminar, we will look at these cases in closer detail and consider what learning points can be taken from them.

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