Should Employers Encourage Volunteering?

It’s National Volunteer Day and so we’re asking should employers encourage and celebrate volunteering? Read on to find out more…

Employers are more aware now than ever of the advantages of a building a strong image. In order to achieve this, many companies publicise the core values that underpin their culture and the way they like do business.

By living these core values, employers build their reputation and brand loyalty with customers and staff alike. When job hunting, many employees now look beyond financial reward and consider the ethics and values of their potential employer. They want to feel that the values of the organisation they work for align with their own.

One option open to employers is to introduce a ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ policy, which covers subjects such as approach to recycling and environment, commitment to using local suppliers and giving back to local community and charity projects.

Some employers will allow employees to take a fixed amount of leave to carry out voluntary work that the employee has identified as important to them. This leave may be paid or unpaid, depending on what the business can accommodate and it may be subject to conditions – such as posting a few tweets about the work they’re doing.

Other employers will send a team of staff out to work on a local charity project that the company has partnered with. These opportunities allow good works to be done, engage socially motivated staff and create a good PR opportunity for businesses to show the community they care. A lot can be achieved by a team of people working together, even if just for one day.

In addition, if the right volunteering opportunity is identified it can be utilised to help staff develop skills and experience that will benefit the business. A project task may engage leadership and team building skills. A business buddy task where staff help a charity partner to put on a fundraising event or marketing campaign may enable staff to gain experience in event organisation or developing marketing strategy.

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