Why training programmes are fundamental for growth…

One of the services we get asked about the most at New Dawn is training.  The courses and the impact that it has within organisations is for many of our team the most enjoyable part of their roles. More and more organisations are seeing the benefits that a great employee training programme has on the productivity, engagement and retention of staff.

From induction through probationary reviews and ongoing professional development, a well-planned and targeted training programme can drive a company forward helping it to thrive and provide resilience. What is better than upskilling the staff that you have and providing a pipeline of talent that benefits your organisation?

Too often when times get tough training is the first budget to be reduced, but that can lead to greater costs further down the line creating a skills gap and a need to recruit. Here are a few reasons why ring-fencing a training budget is so important:

Improved Performance, Better Productivity

A planned and focused training and development programme means that employees learn something new or refine their existing skills. This way they can grow within the organisation, align with the organisations goals and invest time in areas where they need more knowledge or skill. It may also be a good way of broadening the organisations expertise in areas where there are knowledge gaps or drive improvement in productivity as employees bring more skills and knowledge back into the business.  E.g., training in the latest digital platforms.

Lower Employee Turnover

Retaining existing employees is important to allow for continuity and saves time and money on recruitment. Research consistently shows that one of the top drivers of job satisfaction is the ability to be able to learn and develop within that organisation. A large majority of people aspire to work in an organisation that opens doors to new learning.

Learning is something that should be continuous. There are so many things that employees can do even within the context of a job description. Advantages of training include building curiosity. A curious employee will be more engaged and often look to discover new ways to do their job rather than look for opportunities elsewhere.

Organisational Development

One of the most impactful benefits of training and development is organizational development. This is the process where organizations focus on building teamwork, collaboration and strategies for growth to accommodate market changes. Preparing for change and challenge is important to not just build the resilience of the organisation but also the employees as well. Arming employees with the right skills can make a huge difference in performance.

Encourages Autonomy and Being Proactive

The more skilled the employee, the better equipped and confident they will be at handling projects. Training and development will reduce the need for micromanagement, which in turn allows for managers and leaders to focus on the bigger more strategic picture. 

At New Dawn we are passionate about promoting training as a key strand to any organisation’s strategy/values. We partner with our customers to deliver many training courses that are bespoke to them. We also develop courses in conjunction with external organisations that have a particular platform or expertise.

Why not download New Dawn’s training brochure and discover more.