Delivering all aspects of Human Resources 

Access a full HR team no matter the size of your business. 

As a New Dawn Resources client, you will have a dedicated HR Business Partner who will work with you to provide you with all the HR support your business needs – meaning that you can be confident of meeting your legal requirements as an employer.

Our client relationships are our number one concern and something we are very proud of. Unlike an off-the-shelf / HR contact centre, your dedicated HR Business Partner will take the time to develop an understanding of the issues you’re facing, your requirements and your goals for the future.

This approach ensures that the service you receive is tailored to you and that you deal with a partner who knows what is going on in your business.

Ways of working with us

We believe in giving our clients the flexibility to choose how to work with us, so we won’t tie you into a long contract. You’re free to change the way you work with us at any time. This approach means our clients stay with us not only for the  quality of our service, but also for our adaptable practices.

Pay As You Go

Our pay as you go option allows clients to simply pay for the work we do for them, when we do it. We can establish hourly, half day and day rates with you. However, if you prefer an estimate or a fixed price quote that helps you to budget more accurately, then we’re happy to supply that for you too.

Retained Service

If you prefer to pay a fixed fee for regular access to our services that provides you with precise costs, then a retainer option may be for you. We agree a retainer price with you and can offer two options for you to consider.

  • Entry level package: the retainer price is usually based on the number of staff that you have and includes access to unlimited, expert advice, some core case management documents, regular updates to your contracts and handbook, plus access to our employment law update newsletters and invites to free update seminars.
  • Premium package: this enhanced package includes everything the entry-level package offers, but also includes preparation of bespoke letters and documents for employee relations procedures and restructures (for example, selection matrices, letters to staff, scripts for meetings, etc.), provision of ad-hoc tools and tailored tools to your branding and style.

On-Site Support

We understand that sometimes remote advice and guidance is not enough, you need a HR professional right there with you onsite. All our HR business partners love getting out of the office and seeing clients in their work environments, meeting their team and getting a feel for the business.

We regularly visit clients to either support or take the HR lead on:

  • HR strategy and change management programmes
  • HR project delivery, including TUPE, restructuring and redundancy management
  • Interviewing / open days and specialist recruitment campaigns
  • Attending regional or board meeting to update the team / board on HR changes or to assist with the integration of HR objectives within broader strategy work
  • Employee consultation programmes
  • Negotiations including union negotiations / pay talks and works committees
  • Exiting discussions
  • Employee relations matters, investigations, hearings, appeals

Whatever your HR project we can ensure that it is completed on time, to your requirements and with minimal impact upon your diary and day-to-day operations.

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Personnel for Human Resources

Vanessa Scrimshaw
Vanessa Scrimshaw

Managing Director, HR Business Partner

Vanessa is the founder of New Dawn Resources. With 25 years’ experience she is an expert in human resources management, talent management and training & development. Vanessa has established herself as a well-respected partner to businesses across all industries.

What can Vanessa do for you?

Aside from general transactional HR, Vanessa provides more complex services that deliver business solutions through effective people management, strategy development and resourcing. As an acclaimed HR Director her skills are often engaged to advise company Directors and CEO’s on the implementation of HR structures and strategic business development.

What Kate says about Vanessa

Vanessa is an excellent strategist and always has one eye on the bigger picture. You can count on her to be calm, in control and to approach all situations with a view to reaching a solution that is practical, commercial and fair.”

Cheryl Evans
Cheryl Evans

Operations Director, HR Business Partner

Cheryl’s previous career in management provided her with the springboard to enter university as a mature student. By 2007 she had earned her HR accreditation at CIPD Level 7 and began her journey as a much-admired local HR professional.

What can Cheryl do for you?

Since joining New Dawn as a Director, Cheryl has made great use of her previous years working as an operational manager. Very much a Yorkshire Lass, Cheryl has built strong relationships with businesses across the region. Her hands-on approach with clients often sees her supporting managers in all areas of their business, from performance management, employee engagement and training & development.

What Kate says about Cheryl

Cheryl brings boundless patience and a positive outlook to everything she does. She lifts problems from clients’ shoulders and steers them through sticky situations, instilling trust and confidence in everyone she deals with.”

Kate Booth
Kate Booth

HR Business Partner

Kate joined the team in 2018 as our legal expert, having previously worked as a solicitor, with 15 years of experience in employment law. Her wealth of knowledge allows her to assist clients with all aspects of employment and HR matters.

What can Kate do for you?

Kate’s personable nature enables her to become immersed in the culture of any clients’ business and work alongside the management team. This allows her to advise on and implement policies and procedures with far greater ease and effect. In addition, her expertise and legal training allows her to deliver robust dismissal procedures, negotiate settlements and represent clients at employment tribunals.

What Vanessa says about Kate

“Kate provides our clients and our team with pragmatic, up to date legal guidance in a style which inspires confidence and reduces the stress and fear of Employment Tribunals. With her HRBP hat on, she is dedicated and determined to find solutions and achieve positive outcomes.”

Contracts and Policies

We can prepare bespoke contracts of employment and employee handbooks for use in your business, or we can update your existing documents to make sure they’re legally compliant and that they’re working for you.

We can advise and support in changing the terms of your contracts. For example, if you need to make changes to an individual’s terms by changing their role or hours, or if you need to change all staff terms by amending your payments and benefits policies. Where disputes arise over contractual terms, we can help you to negotiate and resolve them.

Managing Staff

We can help with the day to day management of staff, including advising on and/or conducting employee relationship issues such as disciplinary procedures, absence and performance management, and grievance procedures. We deliver tailored support that reflects our client needs, whether that is a steer in the right direction or making onsite visits to conduct procedures with or for managers. 

We will work with your management team to develop your HR strategy, including planning and implementing HR initiatives, such as programmes for employee engagement and well-being. We can also give guidance and support into large scale changes such as re-structuring teams, helping with re-design of job roles and reporting lines and providing hands-on support in connection with redundancy programmes.

Workplace Disputes

We are specialists in workplace mediation and work with management teams to investigate and resolve grievances in the workplace. 

Where a dispute cannot be resolved, we can provide support on how to deal with that from disciplinary procedures to protected conversations and settlement discussions. 

Director Services

We understand that sometimes a change in direction is needed for the good of a business and that can mean difficult conversations at senior leadership level. We can bring neutrality to those discussions and assist with achieving the best outcome possible for you.

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info_outline Relax, your data's safe with us.

Your details will not be shared with any organisation outside of New Dawn Resources. You may request to be removed from our database at any time. To see our full privacy policy click here.

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