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We offer a variety of HR and employment law based training courses, including bespoke training for your organisation. Our trainers are all active HR Business Partners providing day-to-day advice and guidance to companies of all sizes on all HR and employment law matters. We use this knowledge and experience to make our training relevant, practical and interesting.

We also deliver leadership and development courses, which can be accessed by individuals looking to enhance their personal development or organisations looking to invest in their leaders. We believe that training and development for managers at all levels is essential for all organisations to develop and flourish. And, according to CIPD research, poor management style is the third biggest cause of workplace stress. Our courses are designed to help your people develop their management style and help the business achieve legal compliance and best practice. If you want your leaders and managers to make a positive difference in your business, our range of management training courses is a great place to start.

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Personnel for Training

Vanessa Scrimshaw
Vanessa Scrimshaw

Managing Director, HR Business Partner

Vanessa is the founder of New Dawn Resources. With 25 years’ experience she is an expert in human resources management, talent management and training & development. Vanessa has established herself as a well-respected partner to businesses across all industries.

What can Vanessa do for you?

Aside from general transactional HR, Vanessa provides more complex services that deliver business solutions through effective people management, strategy development and resourcing. As an acclaimed HR Director her skills are often engaged to advise company Directors and CEO’s on the implementation of HR structures and strategic business development.

What Kate says about Vanessa

Vanessa is an excellent strategist and always has one eye on the bigger picture. You can count on her to be calm, in control and to approach all situations with a view to reaching a solution that is practical, commercial and fair.”

Cheryl Evans
Cheryl Evans

Operations Director, HR Business Partner

Cheryl’s previous career in management provided her with the springboard to enter university as a mature student. By 2007 she had earned her HR accreditation at CIPD Level 7 and began her journey as a much-admired local HR professional.

What can Cheryl do for you?

Since joining New Dawn as a Director, Cheryl has made great use of her previous years working as an operational manager. Very much a Yorkshire Lass, Cheryl has built strong relationships with businesses across the region. Her hands-on approach with clients often sees her supporting managers in all areas of their business, from performance management, employee engagement and training & development.

What Kate says about Cheryl

Cheryl brings boundless patience and a positive outlook to everything she does. She lifts problems from clients’ shoulders and steers them through sticky situations, instilling trust and confidence in everyone she deals with.”

Kate Booth
Kate Booth

HR Business Partner

Kate joined the team in 2018 as our legal expert, having previously worked as a solicitor, with 15 years of experience in employment law. Her wealth of knowledge allows her to assist clients with all aspects of employment and HR matters.

What can Kate do for you?

Kate’s personable nature enables her to become immersed in the culture of any clients’ business and work alongside the management team. This allows her to advise on and implement policies and procedures with far greater ease and effect. In addition, her expertise and legal training allows her to deliver robust dismissal procedures, negotiate settlements and represent clients at employment tribunals.

What Vanessa says about Kate

“Kate provides our clients and our team with pragmatic, up to date legal guidance in a style which inspires confidence and reduces the stress and fear of Employment Tribunals. With her HRBP hat on, she is dedicated and determined to find solutions and achieve positive outcomes.”

Joanne Spencer
Joanne Spencer

HR & Training Administrator

Joanne joined New Dawn Resources in 2015 and since then has played a key role within our team. With a background in residential, educational childcare and the medical industry Jo provides a high level of confidential HR administration support for the HR Business Partners.

What can Joanne do for you?

Jo supports many functions of our business including HR administration, recruitment, training and payroll. Jo is most often the first line of contact for prospective clients, so is perfectly placed to point you in the right direction for any queries that you may have.

What Cheryl says about Jo

Jo’s cheerful nature means she always makes you smile and offers our clients a warm, professional welcome. Jo’s organisational skills are second to none and it is with her support that the HR Business Partners can do what we do best. Every team needs a Jo.”

We run all of the following courses as public courses, which individuals are welcome to book on to personally or through their organisation. For more information, dates and pricing, please contact us.

Senior Managers: Knowledge vs Risk Programme – 3 day

This programme has been designed to meet the needs of senior managers who find themselves having to navigate in-house employment matters. Your team and staff look to you for leadership and guidance in resolving workplace disputes and performance issues, but who do you turn to?

We understand that it can be tough finding the time to keep yourself up to date with employment legislation and this can cause you to doubt yourself or feel on the back foot. This 3 day programme will help you to develop your confidence in dealing with HR and employment law issues in the workplace through a series of practical, no-nonsense sessions. We use case studies and group exercises to ensure practical learning and we provide you with useful tools and resources to take away.

Senior Managers: Leadership Development & Personal Profiling - 2 1/2 days

This programme is designed to build the skills of senior managers and directors who might not have had an opportunity to take part in leadership development training as they've progressed through their careers.

We will carry out personal profiling to identify your management and communication style and work with you to reflect and build on your leadership skills to help you strengthen your abilities in your current role and prepare yourself for the next stage in your career. This programme will incorporate training in small groups across 2 days, plus a one to one session of half a day.

First Line Managers: Effective Line Management Programme – 3 day

Management skills are complex and often need to be taught. We aim to give you the skills and practical techniques that you need and the confidence to apply them. This programme has been designed for those in line manager, supervisor or team leader roles who are starting to gain experience in supervising staff or leading a team, or who have more experience but would like to refresh their knowledge.

This 3 day programme will help you to understand different methods of communication and management styles, and how people react to you. We'll also look at how to deal with conflict, manage poor performance, and introduce you to good handling of disciplinary and grievance procedures. We use case studies and group discussion to ensure practical learning.

Management Skills & Core Skills

In addition to the above programmes, we run a wide variety of HR and employment law based training courses both in-house for clients and in training facilities in the Huddersfield/ Holmfirth area. These include:

  • Assertiveness and Conflict Management (including personal profiling) 1 1/2 day course
  • Conducting Difficult Conversations - 1/2 day course
  • Effective Communication Skills - 1 day course
  • Recruiting Successfully - 1 day course
  • Disciplinary Procedures in Practice - 1 day course
  • Managing Poor Performance and Incapability - 1 day course
  • Understanding Equality and Diversity in the Workplace - 2 hour course (refresher option available)
  • Managing Equality and Diversity in the Workplace - 1/2 day course
  • Mental Health Awareness - 1/2 day
  • Managing Mental Health at Work - 1 day
  • Managing Sickness - 1 day

If you're interested in attending any of the above, or you would like us to come out to your site to train your team, please get in touch.

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info_outline Relax, your data's safe with us.

Your details will not be shared with any organisation outside of New Dawn Resources. You may request to be removed from our database at any time. To see our full privacy policy click here.

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