People are our passion.

Unlock your team's potential with tailored training.

Our trainers are all active HR Business Partners providing day-to-day advice and guidance to companies of all sizes on all HR and employment law matters.

Our range of HR courses are all designed to develop your management style and help the business achieve legal compliance and best practice, so you're be able to get the most from your teams.

We believe that training and development for line managers and business leaders is essential for all organisations to develop and flourish. If you want your leaders and managers to make a positive difference in your business our range of management training courses is a great place to start.

We run two public training programmes throughout the year in the Huddersfield area, these programmes can also run in-house on your premises.

According to CIPD research, line managers have a critical influence on employee engagement and well-being:

  • 1 in 3 working adults in the UK are responsible for managing others at work
  • Management style is the third biggest cause of workplace stress
  • 1 in 5 UK employees say their manager is poor at making sure they have the resources to do their job.

The conclusion is clear. Better managers create better organisations – and vice versa.

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Knowledge vs Risk Programme – 3 day

Aimed at Leadership and Senior Management this programme combines proven leadership techniques with practical advice and individual insights. This management training course will link your personal leadership to the performance of others whilst highlighting the key risk in employment law throughout.

This practical and intensive course provides a broad overview of HR issues and how to avoid unnecessary risks in your business, building cohesive teams, recognising the diversity in your team and positioning your business as an employer of choice.

Effective Line Management Programme – 3 day

If you are new to people management, this course is the ideal way to gain the skills you require quickly. As a new leader you will return to work feeling motivated and confident that you can make a positive impact in your new role.

This programme will:

  • Help you to understand your personal leadership style
  • Set personal and team objectives
  • Build a positive and successful team
  • The process of delegation and its benefits
  • Develop an effective communication style
  • Learn all about how to deal with difficult people and situations, enabling you to respond professionally to poor performance and disciplinary matters.

Employment Law for In-house HR – 2 day

If you are a HR practitioner or have responsibility for HR in your organisation this is one course you don’t want to miss out on.

The programme guides you through the entire employment journey: from recruitment, employment contracts and typical workplace issues that arise during employment, to terminating employment.

This program uses detailed case studies and group discussions to illustrate the key concepts, and provides a framework for you to analyse and apply back in your own workplace.

Law on Tour – 1 day

A one day programme for HR practitioners, directors and business leaders. Get a complete employment law update in just one day. Keeping you up to date with the latest developments in the fast-moving world of employment law.

Develop your understanding of the rules around independent contractors, the genuinely self-employed, agency workers, employees, and find out who is entitled to what when it comes to paid holidays, the national minimum wage and protection against unwanted behaviour in the workplace?

Get the insight and answers to these questions and much more.