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Help your business develop and flourish with our HR service, employment law advice or training.

Retained Packages

Our retained packages are based on remote advice and guidance provided by our HR Advisors. Any chosen package can be extended to include more advanced services as and when you require.

All retained packages are based on employee numbers.

HR Connect
Our first level of support includes unlimited access to expert HR advice via our contact centre and regular email updates focused on current HR issues and legislation.

HR Support
This builds on the services within HR Connect and includes a comprehensive suite of core HR documents and regular updates to your contracts and business handbooks. Also included is access to our employment law update newsletters and an invitation to our dedicated HR seminars.

HR Advanced
In addition to services included within the Support package, this enhanced offering also includes preparation of bespoke letters and documents tailored to your branding and style. This may include documents for employee relations procedures and restructures; for example, advising and preparing selection matrices for potential redundancies, letters to staff and scripts for meetings.

The advanced package includes an option for virtual meetings to facilitate group discussion of client queries, and a discount on other services such as employee meetings, onsite support, and training courses.

Table of Services

Summary of options – choose the level that suits you.

Included ServiceHR ConnectHR SupportHR AdvancedHR Partnership
Unlimited access to HR Contact Centre✔️✔️✔️✔️
Subscription to newsletters and routine updates✔️✔️✔️✔️
Free access to our annual Employment Law Update✔️✔️✔️
Bespoke Contracts & Handbooks✔️✔️✔️
Suite of bespoke HR documents and tools✔️✔️✔️
Annual review and update of contracts and handbooks✔️✔️✔️
Drafting letters and providing bespoke tools as and when required✔️✔️
Discounted rates on in-house & public training courses✔️✔️
A dedicated HRBP assigned to support all your HR needs onsite and remotely✔️✔️

HR Bespoke Partnership

Bespoke Business Partner Support
This tailored service from New Dawn provides an in-house HR specialist who will be able to assist you, as and when required either onsite or remotely. Your HR Business Partner will fully immerse themselves within your company, ensuring you have access to practical and legally compliant advice and guidance that is personalised to your business – its aims, values and core objectives.

Our premium service is priced per project or for the time you access your dedicated business partner. We can establish hourly, half day and day rates with you.

What does a bespoke HR Partnership support look like?
Running any business delivers many challenges that will include making decisions about your team. We understand that sometimes remote advice and guidance is not enough, you may need an HR professional beside you to guide and advise you objectively.

Having your own nominated HRBP means you never need to deal with a difficult HR issue on your own again.

All our HR Business Partners love getting out of the office and seeing clients in their work environments, meeting their team and getting a feel for the business.

We regularly visit clients to either support or take the HR lead on:

  • HR strategy and change management programmes
  • HR project delivery, including TUPE, restructuring and redundancy management
  • Onboarding, including open days and international recruitment campaigns
  • Attending meetings to update your team / board on legal changes and best practise or to assist you to move your HR strategy forward
  • Employee consultation programmes
  • Negotiations including union negotiations/pay talks and works committees
  • Employee relations matters, investigations, hearings, appeals

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