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We won’t take percentages of salary like a traditional recruitment agency, and there are no hidden costs or placement fees. Your HR business partner will manage the campaign either through stage one or stage two, doing as little or as much as you need.

One great low-cost rate regardless of the role that you’re recruiting for, or the number of candidates that you chose to hire.

Fixed Fee Stage One

  • Job Description: We will prepare the vacancy listing to match your requirements.
  • Vacancy Posting: Targeted advertising across all major recruitment sites and jobs boards, with a choice of a branded or unbranded advert.
  • Applicant: The software tools ensures that every applicants receive a confirmation email to confirm that their CV has been received. A further email is also generated automatically when a candidate is rejected for the role. This allows you to be polite and engaging during the campaign without having to think about it.
  • CV Filtering: The online tool is very user friendly and ensures that your main email address is not bombarded with traffic during the campaign. You simply log-in to the portal and screen the new applicants into one of three options ‘reject’, ‘potential’ or ‘interview’.

Fixed Fee Stage Two

  • Many clients often choose to let us take care of the screening in which case we review every applicant to ensure that you will only see the most suitable candidates, who we place in your ‘potential’ file. From here you simply screen the short list for interview.
  • Interview Scheduling: You provide the times and dates, and we contact, brief and schedule the candidates. We can also carry out initial screening interviews by telephone where required.
  • Offers & Regrets: We will make offers to successful candidates (and negotiate on your behalf if required), and inform unsuccessful candidates if they are not right for the role.

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